• Large, top quality carrier base
  • Stringent carrier qualification requirements
  • ​24-7 customer service
  • 99%+ tender acceptance and execution
  • ​Experienced, professional team members
  • ​Diverse industry experience
  • ​Full EDI capabilities
  • ​28-day carrier payments



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Armstrong Transportation got its start as a brokerage operation.  Since 2004, our brokerage operation has grown significantly, serving customers in agriculture, packaging, shipping materials, food & beverage, paper products and several other industries.

Our brokerage team manages up to 200 customer shipments per week.  Our process is focused on building relationships with quality carriers so that our customers see the same carriers transport their shipments on a regular basis.  As a result, many shipments are booked with carriers days in advance.  This core carrier management approach allows for consistent service, fewer issues and excellent on-time performance.


In addition to utilizing our expansive carrier network, our Brokerage Division works closely with each of our asset divisions to secure additional capacity for all our customers. 

Contact us today so that we can design a simple, service-oriented and cost effective Capacity Solution for your distribution network.

Brokerage Sales

Jason Casteel

Director of Capacity Solutions

​(901) 351-8130